Free Online Bible Classes | 34. The Hithpael Stem - Strong Verbs

34. The Hithpael Stem - Strong Verbs

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Chapter Overview

Listen to Miles' Chapter Overview


Overheads (PowerPointPDF)

Chapter Material

  1. Read this chapter from beginning to end, but do not study it carefully until you have listened to the lecture. Be sure to master all the diagnostics of the strong verb. This will be key to your mastery over the weak verbs.

  2. Listen to Gary's full lecture

  3. Read the chapter. 

    As an introduction to both chapters, study 34.1 which introduces the diagnostic features of the Hithpael conjugation and 34.2 which surveys the meaning of the Hithpael.

    Hithpael verbs are easy to identify unless "metathesis" has taken place. Study 34.12 with maticulous care. Additionally, there is a process of assimilation that can make the identification of Hithpael verbs very difficult as well (34.13). Apart from these two phenomena, you will have little difficulty with the recognition of this verbal stem.

  4. Listen to the vocabulary (Biblical examples)


Please complete the following exercises:

  1. Parsing: 1-17 on pp. 267-268

  2. Bible Translations: Genesis 22:8-13 pp. 270-271


  1. Exercise 2 (page 267)

  2. Exercise 6 (page 268)

  3. Exercise 8 (page 268)

Correct your homework with the answer key


  1. What is the distinctive grouping of preformatives and prefixes in the Hithpael strong verb that makes identification easier?

  2. What is Metathesis and how does it affect Hithpael conjugations?

  3. True or False. In addition to the diagnostic preformative/prefixes, the Hithpael strong stem vowel is always Pathach.

  4. Do you understand the loss of the distincetive Daghesh Forte in selcted forms of the Geminate Perfect, Imperfect, Imperative and Participle paradigms?

  5. Have you observed that a Daghesh Forte in the second consonant of the verbal root is diagnostic of the Piel, Pual, and Hithpael stems?

  6. Do you understand the phenomenon of metathesis in the Hithpael stem (34.12)?


The quiz for this chapter is included in the quiz for Chapter 35.

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