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Hebrew Adjectives

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Chapter Overview

Listen to Miles' Chapter Overview


Overheads (PowerPointPDF)

Biblical examples (PDF)

Chapter Material

  1. Read pages 41-46 in English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew.

  2. Read this chapter from beginning to end but don't study it carefully until you have listened to the lecture. In the first read through, don't try to memorize the inflectional endings for adjectives but do give care to the study of how adjectives are used, even in this first perusal.

  3. Listen to Gary's full lecture (purchase required)

  4. Study every section of the chapter carefully. The section that will take time is 7.10 (Basic Patterns of Adjectival Inflection). On quizzes and exams, you will be required to inflect adjectives in Hebrew.

  5. Listen to the vocabulary


Please complete the following exercises:

  1. Parsing (1-20) on p. 29

  2. Translation (1-15) on p. 30

  3. Inflecting (1-3, 7-9) on pp. 31-32 and

  4. Bible translations (1-14) on pp. 32-33 in the Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook.

For the Bible translations on pp. 32-33, you may need to consult the Hebrew-English Lexicon in the back of the grammar for unfamiliar words. The lexicon begins on p. 446.

Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Exercise Five (page 32)

  2. Exercise Six (page 33)

  3. Exercise Ten (page 33)

Correct your homework with the answer key


  1. How does the pluralization of an adjective affect its translation?

  2. Attributive adjectives _________ the noun they modify and agree in _________ , _________ and _________.

  3. True or False: The directional ending is prefixed to a word and translated “to” or “toward.”

  4. Explain the substantive use of adjectives.

  5. Do you fully understand every summary point in section 7.7?

  6. Have you any questions on the three uses of the adjective as presented in 7.4.1-7.4.3? If so, read this section again.

  7. Remember that you are accountable for Advanced Section 7.10 (Basic Patterns of Adjectival Inflection). Have you studied this section carefully?

  8. Do you have the vocabulary of chapters 3-7 memorized? If not, take some time and master these high-frequency words.


Quiz (answers)

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