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Biblical Worship

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The Church needs you to present what Scripture says, not your own ideas. Worship means to kneel before someone out of respect or honor. We owe it to God as an act of service to sit at his feet and worship him. Spiritual worship is to place our physical bodies at God’s disposal. Are we leading people to worship God, or just providing religious goods and services to them? Solid biblical teaching is important. Structure follows purpose. We are failing to dig down into the revelation of God and let the revelation of God set the compass. If you are not careful, your program sets your agenda.


Biblical Worship

I. Worship

A. Definition of worship

B. Service that we owe to God

C. Priorities

D. Four obstacles to leadership in true worship

1. Numbers trump worship

2. Self-Exaltation is substituted for God

3. Lack of participation in the worship service

4. Glorifying God seems to take second place to addressing human need

II. Joyful Self-Forgetfulness

III. Questions and Answers

A. Why do so many churches not focus on worship in a biblical way?

B. How does leadership structure and financial obligations affect these issues?