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Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Your Name

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When you experience the realities of heaven breaking into your life, you will begin to realize that heaven is a different dimension but not a different location. Your spiritual formation begins now and will be complete when Jesus comes again to establish his new creation.


Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Your Name

I. Where is heaven?

A. Close proximity

B. Both transcendent and immanent

C. "Thin places"

D. Heaven and earth are different dimensions not different locations

E. Transcendent nature of heaven

F. The "both/and" aspect of our relationship to our Father and heaven

II. Implications that praying the Lord's Prayer has in our daily walk with God

A. God's space is invading our space

B. Heaven opens up to us as the Son enables us to come to the Father

III. Hallowed be your name

A. Plea to our Father to make his presence known to us

B. Reveal who you are

C. You are asking God to show you things as they really are