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The proper steps for reliable and effective application of Scripture to life




I. It is very easy to get into the habit of listening and reading passively. But it is another thing to apply what we have heard and read. Sometimes application is a specific action and sometimes we learn a theological truth


II. Principles of application--How do we begin our trip back home?

A. You must do the work of study and interpretation before application. You must have a solid foundation.

B. Get the specific points of application from the passage on which you are focusing.

1. Write a summary.

2. Write down the general principles of the passage.

a. It should be reflected in the text.

b. It should be universal, timeless, not culturally bound.

c. It should correspond with the rest of Scripture.

d. It should be relevant to the biblical and contemporary audience.

C. Apply the text to your own life before you apply it to others.

D. Lead others to make specific application of the text to their lives.

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