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Lecture 17: Apostolic Origins

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Covenants in the Old Testament were often written to record them. The apostles saw themselves as agents of the New Covenant established by Jesus.

Kruger Session 6


I. Why is the concept of covenant important in the context of apostolic authorship?

a. It was important for the apostles to record the terms of the new covenant in written form.

II. In the Old Testament, when God made a covenant, someone wrote a document to record the terms.

a. The covenants that God made with Israel were patterned after covenants made in the ancient world

III. Jesus instituted the new covenant and the apostles became the agents

a. The apostles were the implementers or agents of the new covenant.

IV. Did the apostles understand their role as agents of the new covenant?

a. When the apostles acted as apostles, they were conscious of their authority.

V. Some modern scholars consider Irenaus the first person recorded as referring to the New Testament documents as authoritative.  

 a. Peter refers to some of Paul's letters as scripture.

VI. Why did the apostles write at all?

a. Covenantal context

b. Apostolic mission

c. Awareness of their limited lifespan

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