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Age of Doubt and Dogma

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A prevailing attitude during this time was that religious tolerance was a better policy than emphasizing doctrinal disagreements that led to wars. Why be concerned about details of doctrine that produced nothing but quarrels and prejudice when natural reason, something all people have in common, can answer the fundamental questions regarding God and human nature? Political and religious leaders in England and Europe contributed to the debate between Reformed theology and Rationalism. Subjects addressed are the Thirty Years War, Puritan revolution in England, Reformed Orthodoxy, Westminster Confession, Deism, Rationalist option in the wake of the confessionalization of Europe, George Fox and the Spiritualist option, Pietism with Zinzendorf, the Moravians, John Wesley and the Methodists.


A. Age of doubt and dogma

B. Peace of Augsburg

C. ThirtyYears War

D. Peace of Westphalia

E. Beginning of the Enlightenment

F. England in the 17th century

G. William and Mary as English monarchs

H. Reformed orthodoxy in Europe

I. Rise in Rationalism

J. Empiricism

K. Deism

L. Rise in the critique against the church

M. Spiritualist option

N. Pietist option

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