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Acts . . . the Gospel hits the road

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With Gospel foundations in place, the disciples have only to put Christ’s mandate – “go and make disciples” – into action. But all isn’t that simple. With numbers small, their leader in heaven and plenty of confusion and opposition to go around, it’s going to take some miracle level experiences to get these early leaders and the church they’re called to launch on the move. And as always, God delivers just what they need just when they need it with the result that a church explodes into the Roman Empire and beyond. Let’s see how it all happened.


Acts . . . the Gospel Hits the Road

I. Big Picture Realities

A. Pattern book

B. Portrays the life of Christ's servants as a life of adventure

C. Expansive nature

D. A summary of what was happening

E. Sermons

F. Key People

G. Important places

H. Representation of a larger picture

I. Cycle of behavior

II. Understanding Acts (Chart)

III. Leadership Themes

A. Empowerment

B. Worldwide witness

C. Cost of faithful witness

D. Integrity

E. Unity and witness

F. Resurrection

G. Response

H. Continuation

I. God Preserves his witness

IV. Remember

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