Free Online Bible Classes | Acts Chapters 21 and 22

Acts Chapters 21 and 22

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Paul travels to Jerusalem and greets their believers there, including James who is mentioned by name. The church modeled ethnic hospitality.  Paul is arrested for preaching in the temple but is allowed by a soldier to preach publicly. We may be right in what we know, but we don't know everything. Paul illustrates the importance of being able and willing to answer peoples' objections and to make a case to them for being followers of Christ, even though they may not respond positively. 


A. Introduction

B. Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem

1. Cos, Rhodes, Patera, Tyre and Sidon

2. Ptolemais

C. The Spirit, Prophets and Their Warnings

D. Jerusalem

1. Paul, the Law and the Temple

2. Jews from Ephesus

3. Paul Teaching about the New Temple

4. Paul Addresses the Crowd

5. The Roman Soldiers Rescue Paul

6. Paul in Custody and in Chains


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