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Acts Chapters 18 - 20

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When Paul was brought to trial in the court of Gallio the proconsul, the Jews claimed he was persuading people to follow a religion that was contrary to Judaism. Apollos preached in Ephesus and Corinth. In Ephesus, Paul publicly encountered demons. Some important business people began a riot to oppose Paul and the message he was preaching. Paul raises Eutychus from the dead. He also speaks a farewell message to the elders of the church in Ephesus. 


A. Before Gallio in Corinth

1. Sosthenes Is Beaten

2. Apollos

B. Paul in Ephesus

1. The School of Tyrannus

2. The Seven Sons of Sceva

3. Artemis of Ephesus

4. Demetrius, Riots and the Ephesus Theatre

C. Paul in Troas – Eutychus Falls Out of the Window

D. Paul Addresses the Elders of Ephesus in Miletus

E. Paul Says His Goodbyes before Returning to Jerusalem

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