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Acts Chapters 13 - 15

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Paul's speech at the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch was about how the history of Israel points to the coming of Jesus. The Jews persecuted them here and in Iconium. In Lystra, the people thought they were an appearance of Greek gods. Some people came from other cities and stoned Paul. They left him for dead but he survived and they returned to Antioch. There was a controversy about whether or not gentiles who became believers in Christ would be required to follow the Jewish law and become circumcised. The apostles agreed that the gentiles should be responsible to abstain from meat that had been offerred to idols, from blood and animals that were strangled, and sexual immorality. Paul and Barnabas went separate ways and Silas went with Paul.


1. Chapter 13 – Paul’s Sermon Continued

h. Acts 13 – Pisidia Antioch

i. The Son of David

j. Acts 13:41 – A Servant of Israel

k. Acts 13:48-49

i. Iconium

2. Chapter 14 and verse 5

a. Lystra

1) Acts 14:9-11

2) Acts 14:15-16

b. Derbe

c. Attalia - Acts 14:24-25

3. Chapter 15

a. Controversy - Circumcision of Christians

b. The Jerusalem Council - Chapter 15:2

c. James’s Response - Chapter 15:6-11

d. A Partial Compromise

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