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Acts 6:8 - 8:4

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Stephen was performing signs and wonders and presenting the Gospel in a way that people could not refute, because of the power of the Spirit. Some Jews instigated false witnesses to accuse him of blasphemy. He preached a sermon ending with saying that the Jews betrayed the Law God gave them by killing the prophets and Jesus. This made people in the crowd angry and they stoned him. Saul supported the stoning and also persecuted other followers of Jesus. 


1. Chapter 6:8-7:1

a. Synagogue of the Libertine

b. False Witness

c. Blasphemy Charges

2. Chapters 7:2 – 8:4

a. Stephen

b. Stephen’s Message

c. Parallel’s in Their Ancestors – Verses 38-50

d. Background Observations

e. The Stoning of Stephen

f. Chapter 8 Outline

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