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Acts Chapters 3-5

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Acts chapter 3 begins with healing someone physically in Jesus name, which leads to a preaching opportunity. The message of the Gospel goes out to all people, including the Gentiles, but the Jews are not forgotten. The Sadducees saw the message of the apostles as a threat to their political power. The apostles surprised them by responding to them boldly. The story of Annanias and Sapphira. Examples of signs and wonders associated with Peter. 


1. Acts 3

a. Healing of the Lame Man

b. Peter’s Message

2. Acts 4

a. Peter and John are Arrested

b. In John and Peter’s Defense

c. The Believers Prayed for Boldness

d. Joseph Barnabas

3. Acts 5

a. Achan in Jericho

b. Ananias and Sapphira

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