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Acts Chapters 1 and 2

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A theme of Acts chapters 1 and 2 is power for witness. A key verse is Acts 1:8. The world should be able to look at the Church and see a glimpse of the future age. The same power that was given to OT prophets is given to us to spread the Gospel. Prayer before the outpouring of the Spirit is a common theme in Luke and Acts and is important for us to remember today. We need the Spirit for conversion and for empowerment. Peter preaches a sermon. The community of believers changed the way they lived because of their faith. 


1. Acts 1 & 2

a. The Promise of Pentecost

b. The Preparation for Pentecost

c. Proofs of Pentecost

d. The People of Pentecost

e. The Prophecy of Pentecost

f. The Preaching of Pentecost

g. The Purpose of Pentecost

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