BiblicalTraining's iOS App

Welcome to the new iOS app for BiblicalTraining.You can now listen to all your BT lectures on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Access to all classes and seminars (no certificates yet)
  • Dynamically updates the content (internet connection needed)
  • Listen to all lectures streaming (phone charges may apply if you are not using wi-fi)
  • Download a single lecture so you can listen to it off-line
  • Download all the lectures for a class for listening off-line
  • Share what you are learning through social media


Start by downloading the app from the iTunes store.

First time

The first time you start the app, it needs to download the basic information for the site. This includes classes and speakers. In fact, whenever the app starts, it checks to see if anything has changed, and if so redownloads the data.

Table of Contents

From the table of contents, you can navigate to any section of classes. Just click through until you find the class you wish.

Class page

On the class page you can select to download all the lectures for the class, or go to a specific lecture. You must be connected to wi-fi to download all the lectures.

Lecture page

On this page you can stream the audio, download the audio, or stream the video (if present).


At any point, you can click on the home button (upper right corner) to return to the home page.

To go back one page in the hierarchy, click the top left button.

To go to the Media Player (see below), click the icon in the lower left corner.

The Donate button takes you to the BiblicalTraining site in your browser so you can help support our vision.

The Share icon let's you communicate with your friends on social media about all that you are learning.