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About this Track

Do you have a basic understanding of the Bible and what you believe, but want to go deeper? Then BiblicalTraining's Academy is right for you.

These intermediate classes will teach you about the structure, content, and themes of the Old and New Testament, and introduce you to intermediate Bible study methods. The classes on biblical theology discuss what we believe and why, and there is a focused class on how the Bible was written, how it was transmitted through the centuries, and why we can trust it. You will also learn about spiritual growth and how to avoid the pitfalls of moralism.

If you decide to attend this track, we still recommend that you begin your study with Life is a Journey in the Foundations track.


Dr. Paul House | 12 hours

A survey of the content and themes in the Old Testament. This is the same class as in Foundations, and will be replaced later in 2017 with a more complete class by Dr. House if we receive the funding.

Dr. Bill Mounce | 26 hours

In this class you will not only learn the basic structure and content of the New Testament, but also the biblical basis for what we believe.

Dr. Mark Strauss | 5 hours

This course will introduce you to the basics questions of how to study your Bible. What is Bible study? What are the practical steps we should take? How do we apply the text to our lives?


Choose one of the two sequences.

Option 1  

Dr. Bruce Ware | 10 hours

We all have a theology, a set of beliefs, but many are not able to articulate it or really understand it. This class will walk you through a basic evangelical understanding of God and his Word.

Option 2  

Dr. Gerry Breshears | 15 hours

This class was designed specifically for church leadership, what they should understand theologically and practically about their faith system.

Dr. Bill Mounce | 1 hour

Now that you have listened to Ware's lectures, it is time for you decide what you believe, what your church needs to believe (if you are in leadership) and what is primary and secondary.

Team Taught | 20 hours

The uniqueness and authority of the Bible are always under attack. This class walks you through the process of how we received our Bible and why we can trust it.

Dr. John Coe | 10 hours

This is one of the pivotal classes on BiblicalTraining. It is designed for people who have been followers of Christ for some time and are still striving to grow in their sanctification.

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