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The 20th Century

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Wesley's preaching and the holiness movement were major influences in beginning the modern Pentecostal movement. Charles Fox Parham was instrumental in the formation of the Pentecostal movement, sometimes referred to as the "first wave." The second and third waves of the Pentecostal movement, as well as the ecumenical movement, have had a significant impact on individuals and churches across the world during the twentieth century.



I. Modern Pentecostalism

A. Wesley's Preaching and the Holiness Movement

B. First wave (Charles Fox Parham)

1. William J Seymour

2. John G. Lake

3. Ivan Voronaev (Odessa, Russia)

C. Second wave - new Pentecostalism or the Charismatic Renewal

D. Third wave - signs and wonders

II. Twentieth Century

A. World War I

B. Russian Church

C. Roman Catholic Christianity

D. Protestantism in Europe

E. Protestantism in the United States

F. Ecumenical Movement

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