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Lecture 17: 2 Timothy 2:1–13

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Paul continues to encourage the discouraged Timothy, reminding him of the glorious gospel that he proclaims. Even if Paul himself is bound, the gospel is not.

Pastorals 4_3


2 Timothy 2:1–13

Personal appeal to Timothy to persevere

Strengthened by Christ’s grace (2:1)



Entrust the gospel to faithful “men” (2:2)

1. “Faithful” in their belief

2. Faithful in their conduct

3. “Able to teach”

Persevere with single-minded devotion (VV 3–7)

Theme: “Share in suffering.”

1. Soldier (2:4)

2. Athlete (2:5)

3. Farmer (2:5)

Don’t allow the difficult times to change your direction

Concludes with a call for reflection (2:7)

The gospel is not bound (2:8–10)

1. Gospel is about “Jesus … the offspring of David”

2. Gospel is also about Jesus, who is also the “Christ, risen from the dead”

Hymn of 2:11-13

1. Conversion/Sanctification (v 11b)

2. Perseverance (2:12a)

3. Judgment (2:12b)

4. Faithfulness of God (2:13a)

Where is the dividing point between faithlessness and disowning?

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44 min

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