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2 Timothy 2:14–4:2

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The false teachers come back into view with a strong emphasis on Timothy's need to remain faithful. But the encouragement is that God's foundation in Timothy's life, and others, is sealed with a promise, and yet Timothy must also pursue righteousness and flee evil. Paul uses his own life as an example of faithfulness, and concludes with a strong admonition to preach the gospel because it comes from the very mouth of God.


2 Timothy 2:14–21

More on False Teachers

“Charge them before God not to quarrel about words” (v 14a)

Reason #1. “Does no good” (2:14b)

Reason #2. “Ruins the hearers” (2:14c)

Timothy’s responsibility (V 15)

“Rightly handling” (“rightly dividing”)

1. Right belief

2. Right behavior

False teaching (VV 16-18)

Specifics on the false teaching

1. Spiritualized Jesus resurrection

2. Dualism (cf. 1 Tim 4)

God’s firm foundation (2:19)


Two inscriptions

1. “The Lord knows those who are his” (2:19b)

2. “To name the name of the Lord”

Metaphor (V 20)


Interpret the metaphor (v 21)

What will be the result of fleeing/pursuing? (V 21)

2 Timothy 2:22–3:9

Answers the question of how Timothy can cleanse himself

1. Negatively: Cleanse yourself by fleeing

2. Positively: Cleanse yourself by pursuing

How to interact with the false teachers (vv 23-26)

What should Timothy NOT do (vv 23-24a)?

What should Timothy do? (24b - 25a)

Purpose and result of all this? (v 25b-26)

All this is the fulfillment of prophecy (3:1–5)

“Last days” — “Day of the Lord”

Vice list (3:2-4)

Summarizes what these vices can look like, and did at Ephesus (v 5a)

Specifics on what these people are doing in Ephesus (VV 6–9)

False teachers’ success among certain Ephesian women (3:6-9)

Casualties: “Weak-willed women” (NIV)

1. “Loaded down with sins” (v 6b)

2. “Swayed by all kinds of evil desires” (v 6c)

3. and 4. “Always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth (v 7)

Conclusion of the passage (3:8–9)

2 Timothy 3:10–4:8

Paul's example (3:10–13)

Persecution is not necessarily your fault

Spells out specifically the sufferings he endured (v 11a)

“Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them.”

You will Suffer, as will all Christians (3:12-13)

2. In the midst of suffering, preach the word! (3:14 — 4:8)

Call for perseverance in what Timothy has become convinced is true

Why was Timothy convinced it is true? 3:14b-15

Why do we believe?

1. Character of those who taught you.

2. Bible has shown itself to be true in my experience

3. Scripture is “self-authenticating.”

4. Ultimately, we believe, just like everyone else

All Scripture is God-breathed (vv 16-17)



“God-Breathed” (NIV)

Two points implicit in all this

1. Because Scripture comes from mouth of God, it is therefore true

2. Because Scripture comes from mouth of God, it is also authoritative

Because Scripture is from God, it is (therefore) “profitable”:

What is the ultimate result? 3:17

Final conclusion: “Preach the word” (4:1–2)

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