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2 Timothy 1:12–18

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Paul concludes his encouragement to Timothy, and points out examples of faithless friends, and of one faithful friend.


2 Tim 1:1-14

1:12b — Paul now specifies why he is not ashamed

#8. Sometimes our confidence can carry a hurting friend through their difficult time

1. He knows God

2. Paul is “convinced” — based on experience

Translation issue

1:13-14 — Protect the gospel

Timothy is to be controlled by the gospel message he heard from Paul

#9. Encouragement can sometimes take the form of a warning

Guard the good deposit (v 14)

#10. Remind him where the strength comes from

2 Timothy 1:15–18

Different kind of passage

Friends who were failures (V 15)

“Turned away, deserted”

Remember the historical situation — especially painful

One friend who was victorious

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