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The 19th Century

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Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield were well-known preachers in the Great Awakening in the American colonies in the early 18th century. Camp meetings were common in meetings during the 2nd Great Awakening. Preachers like Dwight Moody began a movement which resulted in urban revival. Mormonism and Jehovah witnesses were two religions that were founded. The fundamentalist vs. modernist controversy, as well as the geographic expansion of missions, still affect the world today.


I. Solutions to the Rising Resistance to the religious Structure

II. Three Great Evangelists

A. Jonathan Edwards:

B. George Whitfield

III. The American colonies and the Great Awakening

A. The 1730s

B. The 1770s

IV. The Second Great Awakening

A. the 1805 Awakening

B. A Spiritual Awakening

C. Charles G. Finney

V. President James Monroe and His Doctrine of Manifest Destiny

VI. Slavery and the Churches

A. Josiah Strong

B. Dwight L. Moody

VII. Non-Christian Religions

A. Mormons

B. Jehovah Witnesses

C. Christian Science

VIII. Catholicism in Europe and Latin America

A. The French Revolution and the Catholic Church

B. Latin America and Catholicism

IX. The 19th Century and Social Changes

A. Individualism

B. Scientific Progress

C. Charles Darwin

D. Evolutionary Liberalism and the Social Gospel

E. The Fundamentalists

X. Colonialism, Economic Imperialism and Worldwide Evangelism

XI. Conclusion

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