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1 Timothy 5:1–16

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Paul goes back to addressing the needs of the Ephesian church. He deals in summary fashion with people of different ages, with a special note of concern for Timothy in how he deals with young women, which leads him into a discussion of young widows. His concern is that the church care for those who are "truly widows," i.e., who are old, truly alone, and have lived godly lives. Younger widows, however, should remarry and not burden the church. The church has limited resources, and it should initially care for those who are the most vulnerable.


People of various ages and genders (5:1-2)

Older man

Younger men

Older women

Younger women

The Enrollment of young widows (5:3–16)

1. 5:3-4

v 3 is the thesis of the passage

v 4 contrasts “true” widows with those church should not support

2. Godly and ungodly widows (5:5-6)

(1) “True” widow is defined by two characteristics

(2) Widow who should not be supported

3. Reproach (church’s reputation) and family responsibility (5:7-8)

Timothy is to insist that Paul’s instructions are carried out

Necessity of caring for your own family

1. Denied the faith

2. “Worse than an unbeliever”

4. Enrollment of widows (5:9-13)

Should enroll (5:9-10)

1. 60 or older

2. Godly character

Should not enroll “younger widows” (5:11-13)

Lacked christian character, visible in two ways

1. Remarriage

Contrast with older, godly widows

5. Summary of paul’s instructions — (5:14-16)

1. Younger widows should remarry

2. Christian woman should care for widows in her extended family

3. Church care for those who are “truly widows”

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