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Lecture 5: 1 Timothy 2:1–10

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Paul begins a two chapter discussion on issues of leadership in the Ephesian church. He begins by critiquing their habit of praying only for some people, which shows their legalistic way of looking at salvation. Then he deals with issues of public worship, first men then women. These are issues that the leaderhip should have been dealing with but most likely were being caused by poor leadership.

Pastorals 2_1


1 Timothy 2:1–7

False teachers were elitists

Reason #1 — God wants all people to be saved (2:3-4)

Reason #2: Jesus died for all people (2:5-6

Reason #3: Paul is missionary to the Gentiles (2:7)

1 Timothy 2:8–10

Men's disruptive behavior in worship (2:8)

Not saying you have to raise your hands

Is saying hands must be holy

Doesn’t specify what they were angry about

Women's disruptive behavior in worship (2:9–10)

1. Extravagant

2. Sexually enticing

3. Not just clothing, but attitudes, values, priorities

Solution — beautiful where it matters

Not saying women can’t wear jewelry

Major interpretive issue: “woman” or “wife”

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