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1 Timothy 1:1–7

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Paul begins by reminding Timothy of an earlier visit, and encourages Timothy to stay on at Ephesus, dealing with the issues in the church. Paul's goal is love, which stands in stark contrast to the work of the false teachers. Throughout 1 Timothy 1, Dr. Mounce is enumerating the ways in which Timothy (and we) should deal with false teaching.


I. Salutation (1:1–2)

A. Paul’s authority is being questioned in Ephesus

B. Timothy is “my true child”

C. Why is Paul making these points in a private letter to Timothy

D. Triad of Grace, Mercy, and Peace

1. Preach?

2. Mercy

3. Peace

4. Do these theological convictions permeate my life?

5. How get to this point?

II. Begins by reminding Timothy of an earlier meeting (1:3–4)

A. Ephesus was inundated by false teachers

#1. Be courageous

#2. Be discerning

B. Command them to stop doing two things

#3. Know the truth

#4. Heresy is more than false teaching

#5. Connection between a person’s character and truth

C. Why must they stop their teaching and obsession?

III. Paul's goal for Timothy and the chuch (1:5)

A. Goal of biblical instruction is … love

B. This is what people need to see when they come in the doors of your church

C. Biblical love comes three sources — central idea is sincerity

D. Gentle reminder to Timothy — and to us

IV. Urgency (1:6–7)

1. “Swerved from these” — pure heart; good conscience; sincere faith

2. Wanted to be (known as) teachers of the law

#6. Sometimes hard to recognize false teachers since they are usually dressed up in religiosity — Matt 5:20

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