Your resources are excellent - I am hugely enjoying the Textual Criticism series. 

Rob N.

As a lay person that can't go to seminary, Biblical Training has been a real blessing to me and has enhanced my ability to minister in my local church. 


[The certificate] arrived early in the morning. Thank you. BiblicalTraining is changing my perspective, influencing my life and strengthening my walk with God.

Defending my Faith

Do people make you question your faith, and are you not sure how to respond? These class on the trustworthiness of the Bible, apologetics, and world religions will help.

Helping Others

These seminars cover some of the basic issues that many of us struggle through. Learn how to walk with your friends through their difficult times.


I absolutely love this site. I am a new Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship. Thank you so much!!! 

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Wonderful service, thank you. I lead a discipleship group at my church and we use this material.

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Dr. Craig Keener

Before coming to Asbury in July 2011, Dr. Keener was professor of New Testament at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University, where he taught for 15 years; before that time he was professor at Hood Theological Seminary.


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