Understanding Theology


This is a private course, and you will need to purchase its Certificate and login to the site in order to see the materials.

We begin with Bruce Ware walking us through the basic doctrines of the evangelical church. Listen to what he has to say, check the references, and be deciding the following:

  • What do you believe?
  • What should your church believe?
  • What is primary and secondary?

These are important decisions, because the final project for this Certificate is to write out your own statement of faith.


1 Revelation & Scripture

Introduction to Evangelical Systematic Theology (What is EST? Why study EST?)

Doctrines of Revelation and Scripture (revelation, inspiration, inerrancy)

2 Attributes of God

The Attributes of God (Introduction, Incommunicable, Communicable)

3 The Trinity

The Doctrine of the Trinity (Monotheism, Trinitarianism)

4 Humanity & Sin

Doctrines of Humanity and Sin (Humanity's Origin, Humanity's Constitution, The Image of God; Nature of Sin, Original Sin)

5 Person of Christ

Doctrine of the Person of Christ (Pre-Incarnate Existence, Incarnation, Deity of Christ, Humanity of Christ, Kenosis, Impeccability of Christ, Hypostatic Union and the Council of Chalcedon)

6 Work of Christ

Doctrine of the Work of Christ (Past Work:  Christ, The Atoning Savior; Present Work:  Christ as Mediator and Lord; Future Work: Christ as Coming Judge and Reigning King)

7 The Holy Spirit

Doctrine of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (The Person of the Holy Spirit, The Work of the Holy Spirit)

8 Salvation

Doctrine of Salvation (Election, Calling, Regeneration, Conversion, Justification, Adoption, Sanctification, Perseverance, Glorification)

9 The Church

Doctrine of the Church (The Universal Church, Local Congregations or Churches)

10 Last Things

Doctrine of Last Things (Introduction, Intermediate State, Millennium, Tribulation, Final Judgment and Eternal State)



10 hours